SL Jones f. Pill and Killer Mike, “Hustlin” MP3


Making someone else’s verse the centerpiece of a new song is quite a display of respect, and that’s exactly what SL Jones‘ “Hustlin’” gives to Clipse’s “Hello New World.” Jones, Pill and Killer Mike make Pusha T‘s Hustlin’ is a must into a mantra. Each verse elaborates on that attitude, but Killer Mike scores the best detail, calling his stash Blanco like OJ’s Bronco. Stay tuned for Jones’ upcoming Flight Risk mixtape, it’s sure to be full of bangers like this one.

Download: SL Jones f. Pill and Killer Mike, “Hustlin”

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  2. Jb says:

    Killer Mike goes hard, this track is ill but the Clipse sample is way too repetitive.

  3. dee says:

    agreed on the sample, but really liking this. i think that’s malice on the vocal sample, btw, not pusha t.