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Stream: Mount Eerie, "Distorted Cymbals"


Mount Eerie aka Phil Elverum has enjoyed a very vivid and diverse career. From the wildness of The Glow Pt 2 to the heavy Wind's Poem (to fan favorite, Lost Wisdom), he's used his occasionally plaintive singing voice in many ways. "Distorted Cymbals," a new song recorded with K Records' honcho Calvin Johnson, extends his reach, finding him somewhat funky with a touch of warm keys and drums sitting thoroughly in the pocket. At first it sounds like a trip to another undiscovered planet somewhere in his orbit, but as tight as it starts, the pieces start to wobble, the guitar gets a little edge and the sound sounds like Elverum, unpredictable but all held by his voice, somewhere between tender and unknowable. He's wily but that's why you love him. "Distorted Cymbals" will be released in February—who knows what zone he'll be in by then. Hopefully it'll still sound sweet.

Stream: Mount Eerie, "Distorted Cymbals"

Posted: November 10, 2011
Stream: Mount Eerie, "Distorted Cymbals"