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Video: Omar S, "Who's In Key"

The wildest thing about the early Nintendo days is that the games were pretty short and basic but so wildly hard that you got your money's worth just by virtue of spending like a month jamming little kid fingers into the A button in extreme frustration when you still could not get past the first level. It's weird, then, that there's been such a strong nostalgic push around those early 8-bit graphics for so long. Do we all just love remembering the feeling of absolute and complete frustration? Director Colin Devin Moore capitalizes on this frustration awesomely with this video for Omar S’ "Who's In Key," a track with plenty of digital crunch and maybe also pan pipes? "Who's In Key" is from Omar S' High School Graffiti EP, available for free at Scion A/V.

Video: Omar S, "Who's In Key"