What We’re Reading: Maria Minerva

November 11, 2011

Given the popularity of our week-long What We’re Reading series, we’ve decided to make it a weekly column. Just think of this as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite bands. For this installment, Maria Minerva gives us her top picks.

'Heaven Is Real': John Maus and The Truth of Pop by Adam Harper: I finished 'Heaven Is Real' awhile ago, but I think this column is a good opportunity to promote my friend Adam who is a young genius and recently published this little pamphlet book on John Maus. More than a woman, sang the Bee Gees. More than a blogger comes to my mind when I think of Adam who actually has a background deep in the academy. The book grew out of a blog post on Rouge's Foam but ended up a divine little treatise on philosophy, the real/the truth, "baroque excess" and the perfection that lies in imperfection. Yes, Oxford people are researching lo-fi, and I ain't complaining.

The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson:This is one of the first kindle books I got. Like a lot of Westerners, I am getting tired of the five minute lovemaking agenda that is so popular on this side of the world. So I got this introductory book on tantra that basically says you have to look your partner in the eye the whole time and focus on the present moment and not on the climax and then you can go on and on. I told a friend of mine that I am reading a book on that subject and he mentioned that Puff Daddy once tweeted while having tantric sex. I do not think tweeting is focusing on the present moment so maybe he should read this one as well.

Next on my list is Post-Cinematic Affect by Steven Shaviro.

Love, Maria
8 Nov 2011

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What We’re Reading: Maria Minerva