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Steve Hauschildt, "Already Replaced" MP3


Some of you might recognize Steve Hauschildt as the dude from Emeralds, while others might just be looking to end their Monday with gorgeous, spaced out twinkles of synth. Whatever the case, this song will calm you down. Like, if you are midway through a heart attack you can put this on, and you will magically be healed. Maybe that's extreme, but think of it this way: have you ever had one of those mornings where you just did not want to get up because it's too early and it's still dark out and anything that isn't your bed is freezing cold? And then you get in the shower and it's so warm and comforting that you don't ever want to get out so you frantically look for something to keep you in the shower longer and that thing ends up being that crazy bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap with like 2.6 million words just chilling all over it, and you're like is this a New Age thing? Is this a cult? Why does this all seem vaguely religious but maybe not actually that religious? Maybe you should just watch the documentary about it because it's on Netflix Instant. Before you know it you're too hot, curious about soap, and feeling way too calm to go to work. That's exactly the same vibe as "Already Replaced," except maybe minus the soap part. Tragedy and Geometry is out today on Kranky.

Download: Steve Hauschildt, "Already Replaced"

Steve Hauschildt, "Already Replaced" MP3