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Stream: Dauwd's "Whats There"


Whats There—no apostrophe—is Dauwd’s debut 12-inch and his second release on Pictures. It's not just a soothing record, but a record capable of soothing the sounds of the world around it. With the title track turned up, things outside my window that normally annoy me, like a truck idling then beeping as it backs up, reconfigure as totally appropriate sonic elements, more akin to intentional bass rumbles and a rhythmic synth. The backup beeps weren't even in time, but they sounded kind of good. What is that? When the song fades out, the true source of the noise comes into focus and I'm back to tearing my hair out. It's like Dauwd has orchestrated his music so adeptly that it takes on this magnetism, pulling you in and pulling in everything around you too. Dog barking? No worries, maybe he'll sample it next time around. Somebody's taking a shower? Totally appropriate. The center's so pure nothing can taint it. Whats There comes out November 21st, pre-order now.

Stream: Dauwd's "Whats There"

Posted: November 14, 2011
Stream: Dauwd's "Whats There"