Video: Common, “Sweet”

Last night Common premiered the music video for “Sweet” on Ustream, viewable for a $1 donation to Sean Penn’s non-profit J/P Haitian Relief Organization. It was an innovative decision for a man straddling two worlds—that of a White House poetry reader/Christmas tree lighting host and that of a rapper who punches the air while disparaging hoe ass niggas and sweet ass bitch muthafuckas. The tough guy posturing on “Sweet” is refreshing if a bit out of character, like an attempt at owning the laughable mischaracterizations leveled by those who cowered over those White House visits earlier this year. Because fuck those guys. Harnessing newfound attention in his rap career through a fundraising premiere is admirable, and Common’s heart seems in the right place. (via hiphopdx)

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  1. myjestik says:

    this music video is stupid dope.

  2. Hip Hop Blog says:

    Im shocked to hear Common do this song…not that I don’t like it