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What I'm Thankful For: Danny Brown

Every year, Americans gather for Thanksgiving, the great, cozy pause before November's end. To celebrate its sweetness, we caught up with five of our favorite FADER family members and asked them what they’re giving thanks for this holiday. For our first installment, Detroit rapper Danny Brown gives thanks.

I guess I’m happy being able to what I want more so than do what I love. Because there are a lot of people doing what they love, which is music, but they’re not doing the music that they probably want to do. And they’re just really doing it because they’ve got to support themselves. I understand now. After a while this shit becomes your way of means and a way to support yourself, and after a while you have to do certain shit you don’t want to do because you need that money, and I never really want to get caught up in that. I live in Michigan, it’s cheap here. I’m not in New York paying crazy rent prices. I’m straight, right now I’m living good with these shows and shit. I’m not saying I’m comfortable in that situation, but I’m happy with that. I’m grateful because there are a lot of people that rap and don’t make a dime from it, and I’m not even the guy trying to make a million dollars out of this, I’m just making music because I really have no other choice. Regardless if I was to make $5 or $500,000, I would be happy with what I get from it.

What I'm Thankful For: Danny Brown