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DJ MikeQ, "NuCunt" MP3


Today Fade to Mind releases DJ MikeQ’s Let It All Out EP, an introduction of sorts to the resurging, evolving ballroom/vogue sound. One of the EP's most vibrant tracks is called "Feels Like," owing in large part to "the voice of Philadelphia" Kevin JZ Prodigy’s raw, semi-improvised chant, which sees him rhythmically shouting out body parts, growling and purring with ever-increasing forcefulness. To celebrate the EP's release, DJ MikeQ's giving away a bonus cut, "NuCunt," which focuses entirely on remixing Prodigy's first phrase off "Feels Like," cunt, cunt-cunt-cunt, cunt to the cunt, nyah-ungh, working the loop across six minutes in maybe the most rampant use of the word since Kevin Aviance. The track's minimal and huge altogether, startling at first and awesome when it worms its way into your brain, the patterns still bouncing around the walls of your skull long after the final rough snare. Let It All Out is available now on iTunes.

Download: DJ MikeQ, "NuCunt"

DJ MikeQ, "NuCunt" MP3