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Stream: Mirrors, "Fear of Drowning (Lapalux Remix)"


Today Skint released Deconstructed, a remix EP of Brighton's Mirrors produced by Lapalux, Rudi Zygadlo, Seth and Radioactive Man. Lapalux's master-stroke take features a minute-long cloud surfing intro. Then, newly manufactured pitched-up vocals are interrupted by machine gun fire and shot out of the sky, plunging the track into a sort of glitchy free fall. It sounds like a UFO unraveling, entire wings sloughing off and spilled containers of freeze dried food bouncing little space peas around the cockpit. Someone named Sipp commented on the Soundcloud, "Jesus H. Christage." Snippets of the whole EP are streaming here, and the whole thing is available now on iTunes.

Stream: Mirrors, "Fear of Drowning (Lapalux Remix)"

Posted: November 29, 2011
Stream: Mirrors, "Fear of Drowning (Lapalux Remix)"