At Home With: Action Bronson

Action Bronson lives in the apartment he’s lived in his whole life, at the southern edge of Flushing, Queens. Before he started rapping, Bronson dropped out of Bayside High School and cooked at his father’s still-open Mediterranean restaurant in Forest Hills, which specializes in Albanian dishes like Jani me Fasule, a white bean stew. Also a culinary school dropout, Bronson is a passionate chef, freestyling insane, flavor-piling recipes that reconcile what he calls the “peasant” food of his childhood with what he’s encountered out in the world. On a rainy day this week, he welcomed us into his home and showed us how to re-imagine Thanksgiving leftovers as sliders, or “total fuckery on a plate.” Above, watch Bronson make a masterpiece between two layers of cheddar corn muffin with cold macaroni, gravy, corned beef and more, and learn how to roast a marshmallow with a chopstick and no flame.

Everyone should have a stomach this excited! This holiday season, the Food Bank of New York City is matching all donations dollar for dollar. Just $35 dollars feeds a kid for four months! We gave a gift, it’s super easy and incredibly worthwhile. Action Bronson’s latest project, Well Done, a collaboration with Statik Selektah, is out now.

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  2. O says:

    I feel like those sandwhices were hella unedible, and fell apart.

    Either that or his mouth comes unhinged at the jaw like a shark.

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