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Family Portrait, "Dark Roast" MP3


Family Portrait is a band mostly made up of the dudes that run Underwater Peoples, a record label that sits at the center of New Jersey's recent rock explosion. They're responsible for some of the earlier Real Estate singles, as well as a bunch of other stuff that actually isn't from Jersey. Family Portrait often come off as a burlier Real Estate—sloppier maybe, but not in a bad way. When the Dark Roast EP came across our desks, it was a bit surprising—instead of more fleshed out rock jams for cooking with your girlfriend on a Sunday and smoking a joint at the same time, the material felt darker, more stripped down and actually kinda weird. Not like Family Portrait are embracing harsh noise or anything, but the title track, offered below, is all hollowed out drum machine and twangy-melancholy. It's even a bit abrasive. The Dark Roast EP is available now.

Download: Family Portrait, "Dark Roast"

Family Portrait, "Dark Roast" MP3