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Stream: Catamaran's Self-Titled LP

Next week Vincent Brunetto's Catamaran project sees its debut full-length released on fitting gold and crystal tape via MJMJ. The label has shared a four-track sampler, streaming below. Instant-smile-generator "Reggie" starts with a pitched up man-child voice saying something that sounds like "Are you dead?" but probably isn't that. Then it briefly swerves into unabashed reggaeton and finally lands in spirit-synth territory. Part of the fun is hearing elements mixed that don't intuitively match, and part is just that those elements sound like they're coming from speakers embedded in space rocks. "Holidaze" is a gem we've featured before—I called the track "munching" and "lulling," and I'm happy sticking with that. The final two tracks feature a more contemplative, space-pop-ambient side. The full album is out December 6th, and preorder is up now.

Stream: Catamaran's Self-Titled LP Sampler

Stream: Catamaran's Self-Titled LP