Beyonce’s Dad Starts a New Girl Group

Hoping for God’s blessing again, Beyonce’s dad and former manager Matthew Knowles has put together a post-Destiny’s Child British girl group with another spiritually-ordained moniker: From Above. Maybe lightning really will strike twice—Monique, Ashley, Daisey, Chelsey and Seyi are cute, look great in coordinated statement earrings and have a catchy first single. But do these girls know about Knowles’ sordid past? What about his habit of firing group members? Do they care? Whatever his faults, through intense dedication and training, Knowles helped turned his tween daughter and her girlfriends into a super group. “When I first met them in 2008,” Knowles says, “they reminded me of Destiny’s Child.” Maybe there is a slight, passing resemblance to his old posse, but we can’t help but feel that Knowles is forgetting that when it comes to pop success, his daughter Beyonce might just be a magic, irreplaceable part of the equation.

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  1. Alice says:

    Eh. I guess w/ Paradiso Girls being over, Electrik Red on indefinite hiatus, and the Saturdays flopping to hell there is room in the market (assuming there is a market for girl groups in the West). It would have been funny/eerie if he had nabbed Lyndriette from RichGirl before she switched to the Pussycat Dolls 4.0 as I’m 98% certain she was created in a lab using a significant portion of Beyonce’s DNA.

    These girls are ok I guess. There’s nothing special about them. There’s no “lightning rod” to set them apart. I think I’ll just wait for the Wonder Girls’ English album.

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