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Little Boots, "Shake (Azari and III Remix)" MP3


As far as we know, it is not 5AM right now, we are not taking MDMA and we are not in a cavernous club that Azari and III are DJing. Instead, we're in our office chairs, wearing sweaters, still drinking our morning coffees. Basically, you'd think that we were in a not great position to listen to this Little Boots remix, which features Azari and III pretty much doing away with the original vocals, except for a couple points, where they come back in, glistening and dubbed out. It's those moments when the track really shines, bizarrely, the whole track is working as a hypnotic accompaniment to that weird early afternoon zone out thing that sometimes happens (just us?).

Download: Little Boots, "Shake (Azari and III Remix)"

Little Boots, "Shake (Azari and III Remix)" MP3