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Pond, "Fantastic Explosion Of Time" MP3

For the past couple years, we've been getting random tracks from Pond, a band that is mostly made up of members of Tame Impala. Pond, however, don't really sound much like Tame Impala, and their songs always feel like they're beamed from an alternate world, where the apex of rock coolness happened in the ’70s and no one anywhere was ever able to recover (in a good way though). Where Tame Impala traffic expertly in expansive psych rock that blurs at the edges, Pond feel like they're more about skintight jeans, microphone spinning and leopard print headbands. Did we just describe Aerosmith? Pond sound nothing like Aerosmith—but the vibe is not far off. "Fantastic Explosion Of Time" is decadent in everything from the title down to the way the song sounds so excited about the concept of rock music. It feels like Dudes Looking Cool With Guitars is something very important to this band. Are Pond signaling the return of decadence in rock music, or are they just super stoked to be a rock band? Either way, they're excited, and you can feel it in the music. Their debut, Beard Wives Denim, will be out next year on Modular.

Download: Pond, "Fantastic Explosion Of Time"

Pond, "Fantastic Explosion Of Time" MP3