Video: Sen City, “Harlem City”

Sen City’s Til the Lights Turn Out 2 was one of the more slept-on tapes released in 2011. The obvious comparison point with Sen is Max B, the other singing rapper Jim Jones used to collaborate with heavily. But Sen City has a more low-key, intimate style than B. While his contributions to Jones’ Vampire Life impacted the sound of that tape, Sen’s solo release has a singular feel, existing in its own quiet world. There are a lot of down-tempo, moody beats on Til the Lights Turn Out 2, including a freestyle over Alicia Keys’ “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready),” as well as one of the year’s more excusable beat jacks, of “I’m On One.” “Harlem City” is an excellent example of the tape’s wet, hazy atmosphere.

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  1. CrowleyHead says:

    It would help if this dude didn’t sound like he gargled battery acid for a source of amusement.

  2. David Drake says:

    if you’re not sold on this one, I recommend the more lyrically-oriented tracks off of the tape like “Round and Round” or “What can I do” — “she said it’s like a rush every time I mash the clutch” is one of my favorite opening lines on a rap mixtape this year

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