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Gucci Mane Released From Prison

Feel free to retire any of your assorted Free Gucci T-shirts, as Radric Davis bka Gucci Mane was released from prison early on Sunday night, December 10th, after being issued a six month sentence this past September for misdemeanor battery charges. Gucci spoke to XXL yesterday, saying this will be the final time he sits in a cell:

"This is the last time I think I’ll ever be in jail. It was a time for me to sit back and just refocus the whole way I do things, man. The times away from my fans just made me want to grind, get in the studio, go to my shows and appreciate my job and what I do now."

Gucci's release lines up nicely with today's release of his collaborative album, BAYTL, with White Girl Mob member, V-Nasty. Onward and upward, Gucci.

Gucci Mane Released From Prison