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Video: Don Trip, "Lawyer"

There is some bizarre acting from Don Trip’s lawyer going on here, but it's not like we're looking to him to propel this video from Trip's Human Torch 3 into VMA territory or anything. What it does do is illustrate why Don Trip is great. This song is literally just about some feds looking for drugs and arresting Trip. They rip up his couch and arrest him and he tells them he won't snitch. In 2011, this is just about one of the most uninteresting narratives you can do, except with Trip being Trip, it sounds angry, righteous, furious, and, at times, bone-chillingly calm. Maybe next week he'll just record a song that is just him counting to ten, and it'll sound like the most determined thing ever. Hopefully the lawyer can be in the video for that too.

Video: Don Trip, "Lawyer"