Download Weird Christmas Songs by Wiley and Members of Gang Gang Dance


Presumably in the spirit of sanctioned drunkenness at corporate holiday parties, Calvin Klein (!?) commissioned Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and Josh Diamond to produce a twisted, sexy holiday song entitled “Holiday (Dope Xxxmas).” Bougatsos wishes listeners a “merry crisis” and suggests they lay inhibition to the side and wrap a ball of toilet paper in a hundred dollar bill, so “it looks like ya have a million,” because then “you can go the store and buy a lot of things, or pretend to at least.” Okay!

Download: Lizzi Bougatsos f. Josh Diamond, “Holiday (Dope Xxxmas)”

Meanwhile, Wiley, on his own accord, has released “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas,” from his upcoming non-Christmas album Evolve or be Extinct. Sleighbells and the usual accoutrement have been replaced by cheery any-season synths. On the chorus he says, “Everybody eats food,” and ultimately he gets drunk and dances with a relative named Shirley. What the fuck is going on, everybody? International egg nog tainting? Contain yourselves, people still have work to do!

Download: Wiley, “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas” (via tlobf)

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