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Daily Inspiration: Lil B, "Santa Is Coming (Based Freestyle)"

Weirdly enough, Lil B’s "Santa Is Coming" wasn't featured on his 2010 "rare golden collectible" mixtape, Mm… Christmas. Noz posted the song on Cocaine Blunts a year before Christmas came out, dating the song a year before that with origins online somewhere in 2008. If that date is correct, pretty much no one was listening when "Santa Is Coming" first came out—me included—and god bless him, Lil B was yelling Is Santa Claus based? Oh my god! I need a DVD player into his laptop's built-in microphone. It's important to remember how consistently, refreshingly out there Lil B has always been. Now, however many years into this, there are no original thoughts on the man left to be had, just a million traces of unwavering being yourself. A daily inspiration.

Download: Lil B, "Santa Is Coming (Based Freestyle)"

Daily Inspiration: Lil B, "Santa Is Coming (Based Freestyle)"