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Dusty McFly f. Boldy James and Ty, "Granny" MP3

As I've mentioned previously, the Midwest's talent pool is deep. Detroit was a great example in 2011. Dusty McFly’s Buffies & Benihanas has a handful of truly great songs. The album's highlight is a collaboration with rappers Ty and Boldy James (whose own 2011 album, Trapper's Alley: Pros and Con's, is one of the year's best). Emotionally-packed, "Granny"'s joyous production is tempered by its weighty subject matter—Thank you, you are my angel/ Damn near fell when that bullet caught my ankle—giving the song a heady resonance. Its concept (Grandma telling me to pull up my pants) seems simple, but implies a lot more, covering generational issues and economic pressure with nostalgia and dry humor.

Download: Dusty McFly f. Boldy James and Ty, "Granny" (Prod. by Key Wane)

Dusty McFly f. Boldy James and Ty, "Granny" MP3