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The Let Out: Holidaze

Tonight is the final Let Out before the holidays. That means that just like always, we'll be coming to you live from 6-8 PM EST on East Village Radio with personal favorites from the past year (maybe also "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Bruce Springsteen and all of Dipset Xmas, which is not a regular thing but maybe should be). Unlike always, though, we're encouraging you to make yourself some hot apple cider (so good, so underrated), pull up a chair like it's an old timey radio show, and tune in extra hard and extra festively. Or not! Do what you want to do. Listen while at work. Listen while on the treadmill. Lay on the twin bed of your childhood bedroom while your mom calls you down for dinner just like when you were a teenager, it's what being home for the holidays is all about. Also it is about listening to our radio show on East Village Radio, though.

The Let Out: Holidaze