Deniro Farrar f. Shady Blaze, “NWO” (Prod. by Nem270) MP3


It’s fitting that a song ostensibly about a secret globalist agenda arises via electronic networking across state and country lines. “NWO” pulls together Charlotte, NC’s Deniro Farrar, Oakland’s Shady Blaze and Ottawa’s always ascending Nem270 (also from those last two, don’t miss the new, great video for “Stars Will Light A Way“). But despite the song’s title, actual end-times conspiracy theorizing here is pretty much nonexistent. Shady Blaze calls the act of sacrifice “Satan’s game” and talks about drinking blood, but that’s pretty much it. In the end, the New World at hand is really the internet used for good, where three guys who have probably never met can know in their hearts that if they emailed each other raps it would sound like magic.

Download: Deniro Farrar f. Shady Blaze, “NWO” (Prod. by Nem270)

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