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In FADER #77’s story Four on the Floor, we looked at a quartet of electronic and dance labels based in the states that are truly finding their own renewed themes. Though disco, house and techno all have origins on our shores, lately much of that music’s growth has occurred overseas. Future Times, Software, 100% Silk and Fade to Mind are shaping the sound to the beat of their own drums. You can read stories on each label’s history and future here and, every day this week, you can download a mix from each label featuring tracks exclusively from their artists. Today’s is from Software, the Brooklyn-based Mexican Summer offshoot run by experimental drone wizards and Ford and Lopatin collaborators, Joel Ford and Dan Lopatin. It’s got label favorites, some previously unreleased tracks, and a handful of demos. Tracklist is below.

Download: Software’s FADER Mix

Napolian, “Rejoice”
Ford & Lopatin, “New Planet”
Slava, “I’ve Got Feelings Too”
Oneohtrix Point Never, “Power of Persuasion”
Megafortress, “Green Child”
Harmonizer, “World Complete”
Garfield, “H.A.A.R.P”
Airbird, “Girl”
Tairiq, “Wavestation”
Carlos Giffoni, “Evidence”

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  5. Kenneth says:

    The first track in this mix is amazing, is it some kind of remix? I found some tracks on youtube called the same, but its something else. WIll this first track be on the upcoming EP by Napolian?

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  7. alex says:

    thanks your sharing…

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