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Studio Quit Being Studio

Yesterday, Studio, the Gothernburg-based duo that anyone that cared already assumed broke up forever ago officially called it quits. In addition, they're shuttering their label Information, promising that we would see them in "another shape and form." This is a bummer but also not a bummer at all. The greatest hope of all the hopes in the world would be that the duo would pick up right where they left off, only with a new name and label that is easier to google (the most important thing). If not though, we'll always have their older recordings, their remixes and the continued solo output of member Dan Lissvik. As with any other mention of Studio ever on the internet, I'm going to use this as an excuse to post a bunch of YouTubes of personal favorites from their too-brief career. The songs below (in no particular order or ranking) sound like getting stoned on the beach, getting stoned on the back porch after everyone is asleep, having a picnic with your friends and no less than two babies and not feeling too old or bummed about it, and, occasionally, a song that would have fit in just fine on the Drive soundtrack.

Studio Quit Being Studio