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Casely-Hayford's Aristocratic Clothing

After years experimenting with the aesthetic of the Afro-Punk and the tougher styles of the London street, father-son design duo Casely-Hayford has been edging out of the city and towards a country estate for the past two collections. It's not a total departure: they've always been interested in the heritage of British dressing, and a lookbook shot in a castle in the English countryside is just the latest incarnation and a different part of the nation's history to focus on. "The Casely-Hayford man represents modern international English style," son Charlie says in an interview with Dazed & Confused. "It's important his surroundings reflect his spirit too." This season's relaxed, man-of-leisure approach is such a smart idea, too, completely fresh and relevant, a season of outfits that could make us feel like we're trolling the estate gardens instead of grinding to work on the subway. And the Casely-Hayford color palette, as always, is the prettiest one around. Read our feature on the amazing designers from last year.

Casely-Hayford's Aristocratic Clothing