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ForteBowie, “Rachet” MP3

January 05, 2012

Frustration with females isn't exactly a novel topic for hip hop, to say the least, but credit goes to rising Atlanta artist ForteBowie for taking a very genuine and personal tack. The multi-threat artist produced "Ratchet," and the track's beat is likely what you'll notice first. It suggests vulnerability even as Bowie lashes out, and it's worth being patient for. As the story twists around, the beat shifts unexpectedly, an unusually confident, generous maneuver for a young producer. ForteBowie's rap style has a distinctive drawl and character, which helps make his frustration—feelings come fast but they die even faster / she don't really want me but she cover it with laughter—easy to sympathize with. His new record, Something About #Bowie, is available through his website for free.

Download: ForteBowie, "Rachet" (via Ethan Padgett)

Posted: January 05, 2012
ForteBowie, “Rachet” MP3