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Zola Jesus, "In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)"

It's unsurprising that cinephile Nika Danilova bka Zola Jesus has granted her first sanctioned remix to David Lynch. It's a nod of respect and a meeting of the minds. Lynch took to Conatus’ poppy standout "In Your Nature" and stripped all of Danilova's own musical bombast (save for her big voice), replacing it with a slow drawling guitar and drums, which he wrote and performed alongside engineer Dean Hurley. It's an peculiar and unnerving contrast that puts Danilova's studied, crisp vocal articulation in plain view. The single will be released February 21st on Sacred Bones.

Stream: Zola Jesus, "In Your Nature" (David Lynch Remix)

Zola Jesus, "In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)"