Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)” MP3


Even if you heard the original version of Canadian producer Babe Rainbow’s collaboration with Huntsville’s Yung Clova of G-Side, this remix by the LOL Boys will sound completely new. While the original took on a plodding, almost reverently angelic feeling, LOL Boys ramp things up, adding in handclaps and lopsided circus keys. On Janurary 11th, Mishka will release an entire EP’s worth of “Greed” remixes from CFCF, D’eon, Nowa Huta and more. Normally we’d be whining about listening to the same song like seven times in a row, but it turns out each of these remixes sound so different that it doesn’t feel that way at all.

Download: Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)”

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