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Russh Makes Gift Bags for Your Zodiac Sign

While most lifestyle magazines spend January trying to help you maintain your 2012 weight-loss and exercise resolutions, Russh Magazine is concerned with the upkeep of your soul. They've teamed up with zodiac guru Susan Miller on a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your unfolding year, with an essay-length astrological chart for each sign, telling all you Geminis, for example, that "once you get beyond 4 October, the date Saturn leaves Libra, you will have an open road to experience breathtaking romance." Even better, they've styled together an assortment of perfumes, albums, jewels and flowers that go well with every sign's personality: Aquarians will love Nirvana and blue eye shadow in 2012, but it looks like a tough year for Leos, who got stuck with Cyndi Lauper and black lipstick. Check out Russh's guide to 2012 over on their site. (via HighSnobette)

Russh Makes Gift Bags for Your Zodiac Sign