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Stream: Graphics, "Mama Grizzlies"


Sarah Palin's bizarre musical legacy continues, here revived in the new year by London's Graphics, who flips the phrase she coined into his newest track, "Mama Grizzlies." Graphics' take feels less eye-twitchingly enraged, though, with a fairly straightforward, please-dance-to-this vocal sample urging you to feel the riddim of the bass hard, tempered throughout in true Graphics form by a weirdly electric sort of muffled child's gibberish that almost sounds like it says, terrifyingly, I can see you mama, I can see you in my sleep. Happy primary season! The single's out January 23rd on Made to Play, featuring remixes by Prince Club, Roska and David Keno.

Stream: Graphics, "Mama Grizzlies"

Posted: January 16, 2012
Stream: Graphics, "Mama Grizzlies"