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Walter Van Beirendonck's Spring Head Trip


Viewing Walter Van Beirendonck’s far-out collections, it's often hard to know where his head is at, but his spring looks are especially mysterious and veiled. Covering model's faces with wooden masks made his recent runway show play out like a scene from a dystopian movie or a horror flick, but that creepiness was offset by a generally delightful, excited-to-be-here pop of colorful clothing. Actually, with those nutria-like furs and rubberized, orange and green full-body fishing gators, is this Van Beirendonck's campy take on trashy Americana? Redneck romance and a scary movie at once—maybe he's been watching Deliverance on repeat.

See the collection below, and read more about Van Beirendonck's long, weird career in this interview from FADER #76.

Posted: January 23, 2012
Walter Van Beirendonck's Spring Head Trip