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No Gold, "Good and Bad" MP3

The unsteady synth pad that opens No Gold’s "Good and Bad," the first single from the Vancouver band's upcoming sophomore album, follows the track pretty much until the end. It's a sludgy ringing, basically the sound of uncertainty, like thick glop in your head where second-thoughts squish together into dams of indecision. Maybe this is more of a personal problem: being bad at choosing. When I finally pick where to go for dinner now I have to choose what to drink. It's that thing in the car where the other lane of traffic always moves faster. It's worrying endlessly and claustrophobically over nothing; a big dumb head full of dead weight. In "Good and Bad," shakers and this fun bass line suggest good things can happen sometimes, but the band's singer questions even that, saying, There's usually more to this, and again you hear that waffling synth, not deciding how it wants to be, ringing the same confused way forever.

Download: No Gold, "Good and Bad"

No Gold, "Good and Bad" MP3