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oOoOO f. Butterclock, "NoWayBack" MP3


Even though there's already been an entire free Evian Christ mixtape today, the fun from Tri Angle records does not stop. Here's the first single from oOoOO’s next release. Like his previous material, the track sounds pleasant enough on first listen, but there's plenty of cool production nuances that make it worth coming back to. I particularly like the staccato rattle that pops up midway through. Unlike most other oOoOO tracks, though, this one comes readymade with vocals from Butterclock. oOoOO's next EP Our Loving is Hurting Us will be out on Tri Angle April 10th.

Download: oOoOO f. Butterclock, "NoWayBack" (via Stereogum)

oOoOO f. Butterclock, "NoWayBack" MP3