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Labyrinth Ear, "Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)" MP3


San Francisco producer Giraffage’s floaty remix of Labyrinth Ear’s "Humble Bones" basically freezes the song in the sparkly synth part that opens the original, a riff that's like the sonic equivalent of walking through a beaded doorway. Or it's as if he's trapped the track in a dryer, where Labyrinth Ear roll around weightlessly until Giraffage fades everything out, never losing momentum to let the thing crash. He gets right to the heart of the song and is, smartly, happy to stay there. Labyrinth Ear's Apparitions EP comes out Tuesday on the duo's Bandcamp; you can preorder the release now.

Download: Labyrinth Ear, "Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)"

Labyrinth Ear, "Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)" MP3