Video: 2 Chainz, “Got One”

Recent Def Jam signee, 2 Chainz, gives the visual treatment to “Got One,” another track off of his T.R.U. REALigion tape. Get to know the Atlanta star better by checking out what’s in his pockets in our column, The Things I Carry.

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  1. @RodneyGSHH says:

    This video and song was atrocious. 2 Chainz is not the artist to go to for true lyricism, and that isn’t what I watched the video for. I watched it to figure out what qualities he has to make-up for his poor lyrical content. And, after an analysis of “Got One” I’ve concluded that there isn’t anything original or eye-popping about him. Are these the caliber of emcees legendary recording company’s such as Def Jam looking for? Label heads should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this trash.

    Peace & Respect,

    Rodney C.

  2. aaron says:

    he looks and sounds like a hybrid of lil jon and jay z… but i agree with rodney above me.. this guy is lyrically weak and has a terrible delivery.