Video: Street Knowledge f. The Jacka and Husalah, “I’ma Boss”

It might seem odd to get excited about an “I’ma Boss” remix a year after the original dropped, but this particular version deserves notice for including verses from Husalah and The Jacka in prime form. Both artists spent much of the past decade making some of the genre’s most creatively inspired music, but neither seemed to get the recognition they deserved. While Husalah was set back by a prison stint that overlapped with the release of his best record, Hustlin’ Since Da 80′s, The Jacka pushed forward, releasing Bay Area classics The Jack Artist, The Street Album and magnum opus Tear Gas.

Since that time, he’s continued releasing music, but has also begun to focus on artists for his Artist Records label. Street Knowledge is one such performer. Luckily, the trio opted to use one of 2011′s best backing tracks, produced by Jahlil Beats. The song gets a complete reinvention, between Street Knowledge’s promise to maneauver smoother than Marv Gaye, Husalah’s reggae-inflected AutoTune chorus, and a viscous verse from The Jacka: Game blood pits goin straight for the stifle, Mickey Mouse ears drippin’ off of the rifle/ Go to where you live nigga soon as the night come/ Open up your head and disappear ‘fore the light comes.

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  1. @BrandTROY says:

    This is DOPE! Thanks, David.

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  3. Pingback: Video: Street Knowledge f. The Jacka and Husalah, “I’ma Boss”

  4. @jimmytom says:

    this shit knock dude. dave you deserve props for having been motivated the nation to appreciate west coast rap music. thanks again