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White Fence, "Swagger Vets and Double Moon" MP3


At what point did hanging in the basement get glamorous? Maybe just right now, because White Fence’s "Swagger Vets and Double Moon" sounds like basement psych. The kind made by dudes that have only a broken drum kit, whatever guitar they got when they were fourteen and maybe like one fuzz pedal. Growing up, my friend's older brother had a Camaro, long hair and a Stormtrooper bong. He lived in the basement and was in his 30s. We didn't think he was that cool, but we didn't think he was that uncool either. Mostly we just thought it was awesome that he got to live in the entire basement. In White Fence's world, that basement is the best place to be. There are instruments down there, probably some relaxing drugs too. There is also basically a hit factory down there, because as much as this song is rusted and decayed, it also has serious "I don't give a shit" swagger—and that is incredibly difficult to pull off without sounding like you actually just do not give a shit about what you are doing. White Fence's Family Perfume Vol. 1 is out April 3rd on Woodsist.

Download: White Fence, "Swagger Vets and Double Moon"

White Fence, "Swagger Vets and Double Moon" MP3