Some Ember, “Era of Wind” MP3


Some Ember is the new solo project of Man/Miracle’s Dylan Travis. “Era of Wind” is only the second song he’s released, it is icy and desolate. It’s a little bit Lovecraft (From fingertip to dilated eye/ it closes grip on vibrated flesh, Travis sings) and a little bit Fever Ray, propelled by haunted, droning bass. I keep thinking about this lonely guy in a lake, like a 19th century convict rowing through fog, making his great escape from an island prison and sinking halfway to shore. What happens to that guy? What if he had a Moog to play on the way down? Some Ember’s debut album, Hotel of Lost Light, is forthcoming on Crash Symbols.

Download: Some Ember, “Era of Wind” (via portals)

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  2. Baby says:

    Saw them live, drummer’s like such a babe. Zones. We out here.