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Stream: Loops Of Your Heart, "Cries"


Axel Willner, bka The Field, likely spends a lot of his time experimenting with textures in his music. As The Field, he's done a beautiful job of exploring the beauty in repetition and subtle tone shifts. If a single tone rings for an extended period of time, what new things do you start to hear? It's been great listening to him explore this idea while wedding it to propulsive drums, but we also couldn't help wondering what sort of direction Willner would go in if he was left to experiment without any personally-imposed restrictions. Enter Loops Of Your Heart, a project that is more ambient than anything else, as you'll be able to tell by "Cries" which is eleven minutes of distant firework pops and gentle synth wash. It's more about texture and tone than just about everything else he's done, but it's not boring or difficult either. Even without constraint, Willner is adept at making music that exists entirely within a world he's created, at once intimate and big enough to suggest huge concepts like entire seasons or emotional states. Loops Of Your Heart's And Never Ending Nights is out this week on Magazine Records. Stream "Cries" below and check out "Neukölln" right here.

Stream: Loops Of Your Heart, "Cries"

Posted: February 13, 2012
Stream: Loops Of Your Heart, "Cries"