Stream: Selebrities, “Night Heat”

In a Netflix-enabled world where you can watch nine episodes of Breaking Bad in one weekend, TV theme songs are basically a nuisance, nonessential chatter taunting you to fast-forward. Nobody wants to sit through all this when a 15-second version will do. So maybe Selebrities’ “Night Heat” doesn’t deserve comparison to such a presently uncelebrated type of song, but its bass kind of begs for it and so does that dinky “Axel F” synth, and plus, the song shares the name of a Canadian, 1980s police drama (theme here). If you’re in the market to soundtrack a retro-themed cop show, the early instrumental part of “Night Heat” would totally work. But once the icy guitar swipes in and Maria Usbeck starts singing, it’s pretty much a wrap on production and straight to the trailers for shots and make-outs with the sexy DA. The awesomely lip-heavy kaleidoscoping video by the band’s Jer Robert Paulin captures that last feeling too, all swirling ceiling lights and melting pouts. Stream the song below and watch its video, above. Selebrities’ “Night Heat” 7-inch comes out March 20th via Cascine.

Stream: Selebrities, “Night Heat”

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  1. Fred Hystere says:

    I’ve been dying to write about Night Heat for probably close to a month but had to wait until it was probably released to the media before saying anything. Out of every song I’ve listened to this year, Night Heat has received more airplay than any other. Interestingly, it’s not as immediate of an ear-grab as many of the other songs….
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