Dosa Hunt: A Film About Food But Also Other Things Too

The concept of seeking out great food in unlikely places is basically a television cottage industry at this point. Anthony Bourdain does it really well, Andrew Zimmern does it…less well. One time he ate a bat and was kind of a dick about it. ANYway, the point is that there is something exciting about seeing people eat awesome-looking food in faraway locales. What’s more awesome than that, is when they do it in the place where you live and you can actually experience those places for yourself. Dosa Hunt, a film created by Amrit Singh and Himanshu Suri of Das Racist, is nominally about that, but also a little more personal. In addition to Singh and Suri, the film also features other Indian (and non-Indian) music dudes like Anand Wilder of Yeasayer, Vijay Iyer, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend, Ashok Kondabolu (also of Das Racist), and Alan Palamo of Neon Indian. While it’s about finding really good Dosas in New York (BTW dudes, Dosas are really good if you haven’t had one—so you should have one maybe while you watch this movie? Sneak it in to whatever theater it ends up in, they’ll be chill about it probably), it’s also about exploring and connecting with their heritage. At the very least, this movie will probably make you really hungry, but it looks really entertaining too. Keep an eye out for Dosa Hunt, coming to some kind of screen in some capacity pretty soon in NYC.

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