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Xiu Xiu, "Beauty Towne" MP3


Man, Xiu Xiu has been a thing for ten years! That's crazy! In that decade, Jamie Stewart and whoever he might be working with at the time to make up Xiu Xiu, have tried a lot of things, worked in a lot of influences and sounded a lot of different ways. But you know what's always been a constant? Beneath whatever scratch and sizzle and smoke he employs, Stewart can write a pop song and knows a melody like the back of his hand. "Beauty Towne" is off his forthcoming record on Polyvinyl, aptly titled Always (out March 6th). It starts with a thud, but just wait till that chorus kicks in, and you'll be singing it in your head for days.

Download: Xiu Xiu, "Beauty Towne"

Posted: February 20, 2012
Xiu Xiu, "Beauty Towne" MP3