Brooklyn Bound: Smith Westerns Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

There’s a great American tradition of New York being a welcoming port and FADER teamed up with Converse’s new Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to further it. Once a month, we’ll be welcoming touring artists to the neighborhood with a visit to a local Brooklyn institution, as well as making time for an intimate performance. Catch that exclusive show, interview and MP3s right here.

Chicago’s Smith Westerns have a kind of lost boys swagger about them, gifted loners making their way in a world they don’t altogether understand. Lead singer Cullen Omori, noted heartthrob, is a quadruple threat onstage, singing, dancing, playing guitar and adjusting his ‘do while his bros mostly stare at the ground. “Fallen In Love” is a song that can be interpreted as being about realizing something won’t work, but played live it sounds like it should soundtrack that ever-important scene of contemplative people-watching in a rom com. Omori sells it either way, but the psychadelic backdrop at Converse Rubber Tracks could only help his cause. Watch Smith Westerns perform “Fallen In Love” above, and check back this week for an interview with the band and an exclusive download from their Rubber Tracks performance.

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