Ashish’s Layers and Layers of Sparkle


The big news from Milan Fashion Week is that the Italian designers sent out the most somber, blackest and darkest collections in years, perhaps in reaction to troubling economic news, but the continuing ripple effect from London Fashion Week has been glaringly bright. Nothing makes us smile bigger than a really great, really shiny Ashish collection, and the London-based designer has out-sparkled even himself for fall 2012 (not easy to do: case in point), piling on layers and layers of sequins and color. The hulk of fabrics might make it simultaneously his grungiest collection, too, calling to mind Vogue and Marc Jacobs’ take on flannel back in the 1990s. Whatever happens on the rest of the world’s runways, London is making sure you’ll be able to stock your fall wardrobe with shine.

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