Video: RxGibbs, “Silver”

“Silver” is the first music video from Michigan’s RxGibbs. Directed by Andrew de Freitas and produced by Newfoundland Tack, the video is fittingly, exceedingly beautiful, interspersed with shots of trees I’ve never seen but want to touch. The main subject seems to be fruit underwater, which makes “Silver” play out like a Cézanne still life that’s on the verge of drowning, self-actualizing in front of a sunken funhouse mirror and mustering the strength for one last float to the surface. Meanwhile, RxGibbs’ label mates The Whendays have remixed the track, pushing its original ambient tendencies into a dizzy club state, with hints of acid and synth whistles better suited for sun tans than worrying about dying in the ocean. RxGibbs’ Futures EP is out now via Cascine.

Download: RxGibbs, “Silver (The Whendays Remix)”

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  2. If you have Gibbs in your name, and you are not Freddie Gibbs, I am going to be disappointed.

    This is Wu Lyf all over again.