Daily Inspiration: Yung Mieo f. Skool Boy, “Nothing Like You”

In light of the recent acclaim for the euphoric melodies of the Rich Kidznew tape, it seems like a good time to draw attention to the many affiliates and artists the duo have worked with. We recently wrote about “Curtains,” a new, weird track from Young Thug, the charismatic collaborator behind 2010′s now-classic “100 Dollar Autograph.” Now we bring you ten-year-old Yung Mieo, a proud teacher’s pet whose “Nothing Like You,” features a hook from Rich Kidz member Skool Boy. Yung Mieo’s casual confidence should be an inspiration to a generation of booksmart young rap fans. Not only that, but his website champions his strong anti-bullying stance.

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  1. alex says:

    this is too blatant.. feels like a DARE commercial..

  2. e. lumpkin says:

    ^^^ gets Ds

  3. indasia says:

    i love u yung mieo;) ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!