Gosha Rubchinskiy is Back, Collaborating with Altamont


Russian wunderkid Gosha Rubchinskiy was our favorite designer for a split second about two years ago. We wanted all of his clothes, loved his photographs of dejected Russian skaters and punks wearing those clothes, interviewed him, wrote about him in the magazine, and followed his blog like he was our best friend. Then he disappeared into thin air, stopped designing in favor of styling and working on magazine editorials, and we’ve been awaiting his return. Like brokenhearted boyfriends, we still check his site every now and then for new activity, and just yesterday, to our shock, noticed an unexpected collaboration with skate brand Altamont. It’s a couple months old, but c’mon, it’s designed under a pseudonym. Luckily, it’s still for sale over at Altamont, and even though it’s limited and simple, we’d still wear every piece. In any case, we can’t be that picky, this might be our last chance to rock Rubchinsky.

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