RSVP to the FADER FORT Presented by Converse

Update 2:15PM 3/7/2012: The RSVP is now closed. See you in Austin!

The FADER FORT Presented by Converse, our four day SXSW party at 1101 E. 5th Street between San Marcos and Waller in Austin, starts next Wednesday, March 14th. It’s 100% free, but to get in, you must be 21+, RSVP now and pick up a wristband in Texas. SXSW badge-holders will also need to RSVP and pick up wristbands to enter the FORT, but will be given priority access to the party. Wristband pickup information will be posted here on Monday, March 12th.

Media, please send all RSVP requests to for credential approval.

The FADER FORT Presented by Converse will feature performances by Santigold, Black Hippy, Danny Brown, Zola Jesus, The-Dream and many more. We’ve been announcing performers on Twitter all week. Follow us for up-to-the-minute FORT announcements, and check back here for the full lineup and schedule, to be posted this Friday, March 9th.

By entering the FADER FORT Presented by Converse, you agree for you image to be recorded for possible future release on the internet, and/or broadcast purposes.

Not headed to Austin? FUSE TV will be live streaming the entire show.

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  1. Erica says:

    RSVP +1

  2. Crystal says:

    WELL THIS SUX!! this is all i was looking forward to for Spring Break!!

  3. Whitney Morrison says:

    RSVP + 4

  4. Michelle Garcia says:

    RSVP + 1

  5. Yelsgnik says:

    It’s so unfortunate that so many people didn’t get in, but y’all just have to understand how GREAT The Fader Fort really is–doesn’t surprise me one bit that the RSVP is closed already. Anybody that was really serious about going checked the Fader website faithfully and followed @thefader on Twitter, which announced the RSVP was open as soon as it happened.

    There was no way I was going to miss this event, and I took every precaution not to. Fader Fort is second to none during SXSW and the people that didn’t get in or going to miss a hell of a show. All the new artist that are relevant are going to be there, and best of all you can stay in one place spot instead off hopping from bar to bar.

    For the people that didn’t get in I suggest you still go and try and make a friend in line, because everyone is entitled to one guest. People like my self who are going sent there friends the RSVP link, so each one of us still has an option to bring a guest, even though we might not. This just leaves room for the last minute stragglers that may decide to join the party.

    Also, to the people that get in I strongly suggest you come early because the line gets long quick!

    Cheers and see everyone there!

  6. Nick says:

    @Crystal… Me too!

  7. Ryan Blanco says:

    I rsvp’d and it said that I was confirmed but haven’t received an email. Has anyone received email confirmation? If not, will we?

    I do NOT want to miss this show!

  8. Thiago says:

    I rsvpd but still have not received an email … I really wanna go this year since I went last year

  9. Rene says:

    Still havent gotten an email reply either. Maybe they are waiting, or bogged down with too many requests?

  10. Thiago says:

    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking …. I’m hoping that’s the case

  11. just got added to the sxsw line last minute but would like to spend my off time at the fort. if you can but extras on the list please do.
    Jason Phillips +1


  12. raven rodriguez says:


    raven rodriguez +2

  13. Staci says:

    RSVP + 1

  14. Tim says:

    I’ve been checking the web and searching for this RSVP for the previous 6 months. Going to Fader every couple of days. The RSVP opens and closes while I was out of town for work. Very sad….

  15. Jaynie Cerqueira says:


  16. Lesley Gillett says:

    RSVP please plus 1!!

  17. Claire Henderson says:

    RSVP + 1

  18. Bonnie Fletcher says:

    RSVP +1

  19. Jesse Campagna says:

    RSVP +3 please!

  20. Kathryn Chang says:

    RSVP +1

  21. James Longmire says:

    RSVP + 1!!

  22. Berry Moore says:

    might as well try.. Berry Moore

  23. Leslie says:

    Done and Done! Cant wait till they post the wristband pickup times! I work in the frost tower downtown and jumped on the RSVP asap when it posted. just a short walk after work to the party of a lifetimeeeeeeee :)

  24. Amanda steele says:

    Rsvp +1

  25. johnny martinez says:

    I RSVP’d last week but haven’t received the wristband pickup email that a friend of mine did. is there a way I can check on that?

  26. Zach Rockwood says:

    RSVP +1

  27. Coleen Barnett says:

    If there are any wristbands still available or ways to get those that are unaccounted for, please let me know. I just learned about this event! RSVP+1

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  29. Victoria Soto says:

    RSVP +3

  30. Will Mayberry says:


  31. King ART says:

    lol at ppl tryin to RSVP here…

  32. Taryn Harris says: